Happy Thanksgiving, November 23, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving, November 23, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving from a dog.  You may think you know what I will ramble on about, but even as I begin this, my tail wags with so many thanks.  I am so thankful to be joyful!   JOYFUL!  You may ask “What, even in the chaos of the new’s and such a divided country?” Exactly, because I choose to be a selective listener in this house which means, I hear,  I love 💕 you and thank God for you every day!

My tail wags so much around here that you would think 🤔 it is an old fashioned metronome!  (For those of you who don’t know what a metronome is, it is a device that keeps a steady beat, often with a swinging pendulum.) Also, if you are not familiar with us dogs, we wag our tails when we are happy 😃 and joyful.  Joy Happens when we choose to be thankful. We are thankful when we are joyful. Ok, now I am starting to run in circles with my tail wagging so much!

I am so thankful for my blog readers and my hosts, Alicia and Andy!  Obviously, without each of  you, I would not keep writing my blog. If you are reading this, you know I just try to spread the joy I have, not just because I am only a dog, but because I choose JOY! It is that simple! That is when I am so thankful to be a dog. I don’t over think anything; I just keep wagging my tail to remind humans to be joyful.

Thank you Andy and Alicia for continuing to host my blog. Thank you to all of my blog readers. Love and Joy to all this Thanksgiving and always!   Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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  1. Thank you Harmony, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too! And may there be more tails wagging in this world every day – there’s so much to be thankful for and joyful about. Cheers!

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