November 20, 2021

November 20, 2021

I think that you will agree that my past blogs were not quite what you expect from me.  But then, hey us dogs do try to dabble in human territories at times.   It is not until we start researching human tendencies that we decide our lives as dogs are  actually quite ideal.

Take for instance, yesterday.  There I was on my usual spot on the couch, still quite clean from my bath last week (yes, this matters in this story)   when, Nancy gathered my dog brushes and combs and called me over to sit in her lap.  There, for over an hour, she brushed me slowly and told me how special I was.  Now, that is the life, don’t you think?  So I can ask all of you, when was the last time you told someone that they are special?  I don’t think anyone can hear that too often!

I think that you may recall that my grooming does stretch out for weeks?!  Thankfully, Greg suggested that Nancy not shave me too much because of the  approaching winter months.    I think this means I am only going to get my face shaved and my head of hair trimmed.   Wait, do you really want to know all of that?   It is getting light outside, so time to finish this blog.   Have an awesome weekend!

P.S.  The photos that I am including in this blog are before my head, ears and face are groomed.


One thought on “November 20, 2021

  1. Harmony – thanks for the pictures. When I look at you (you are gorgeous!) I am always reminded of my Ben who looked SO MUCH like you – especially the face! I still miss him and he has been gone from my life since 2015. The ones we love are never really gone as long as we have such fond and beautiful memories. I only hope those whose lives I touch will remember me fondly. A very happy Thanksgiving wish to everyone at your household! Today is the day to finish putting up the outside Christmas lights. That wonderful season will be here very soon!

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