Living in the Moment: November 5, 2021

Living in the Moment: November 5, 2021

There is something about fall clean-up time that I love and I can’t quite put my paw on it as to why that is yet?   Perhaps it is simply the fact that I get to be  outside more while Nancy cleans up the leaves?  Maybe it is watching her enjoy her new found garage sale pruning  tool to trim  all the buckthorn bushes &  other trees?   I was with her for quite awhile while she trimmed a plum tree until she made me go inside in case a branch fell on me.  I think she needs to stop obsessing about protecting me.  After all, I am almost 6 years old now…..that is like an adult in human years.😉

Actually, I think it is  the welcoming chill in the air that only a true midwestern dog can appreciate!   As long as Nancy doesn’t drag out those ridiculous dog sweaters, I totally enjoy this cooler weather.   Maybe I should design some dog coats/sweaters  that a dog would actually like?   The coat would have plenty of pockets for treats AND a huge pocket to place a ball of choice.  Yup, now that would be  a welcome coat/sweater with such important necessities!

Why don’t you humans try to think like a dog once in awhile?   We sure do enjoy the beauty all around us and we don’t go looking for a better life than we already have.  Sure, I do know that many dogs don’t get quite as spoiled as I am; but, I can assure you that other dogs have the art of the moment mastered no matter where they are.   Those moments of pure joy and peace – I have witnessed them myself, as well as,  observing my housemates experiencing them.   Sometimes those living the moment AHA moments come out of nowhere.   So, be ready, live in the moment!

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