October 22, 2021

October 22, 2021

This past week, I met a very cool man who grew up in  Ecuador.  Leo brought to our home  a few of his instruments to demonstrate his Ecuador music.  Because of Leo’s generous concert, I was able to travel to Ecuador through his beautiful music.    Leo’s music and his joy of playing was mesmerizing!  However,  it was not completely foreign to me  as I have witnessed such joy and peace when I  watch Nancy play her saxophone or other instruments!

This really got me thinking in this dog head how humans process  music, both as performers and listeners!  Obviously, I am not created to play instruments, but I can be a great listener.   When I hear Nancy ramble on and on about  how music must be expressive  to be music, I feel that is terribly subjective, not?!  Even if someone plays without emotion, it is still music.  Once she demonstrates to me how playing with no emotion sounds, I get it.  But, it is still music!   She said “STOP” already because this is such a controversial subject.  All I know is that Leo definitely was playing with emotion and passion and therefore, we were extremely moved by his musical performance!

Because of privacy concerns, I am not including a photo of Leo playing his musical instruments.  Instead, you get a photo of us on one of our daily walks around the neighborhood.     Just today, I was outside most of the afternoon while we blew leaves a third time this season.    Uff da!  I know, I am not Scandinavian, but I am a Minnesotan, so I can say Uff Da – I am exhausted and need a late afternoon nap now.

One thought on “October 22, 2021

  1. Louie-
    Oh that performance must have been just amazing. And how we process music…that provokes such deep thoughts. Obviously it’s individual to each person, right? It’s how the listener hears the sound, processes the music [in their brain], and the emotions that processing might evoke. Perhaps that’s related to whatever memories they might have connected to that music or those tones. When you mentioned expressive music, I wondered if that might also relate to a performer’s affective presence? I just listened to a podcast on how we respond to the affect of a person in our presence (why being around energetic, positive, and happy people makes us feel good) and it struck me that might also be true with music. Of course with music it’s definitely deeper than that because a performer’s emotion and passion can translate into changes in sound quality. Such an interesting topic! Along with how we get the beautiful leaf colors we’re seeing during this gorgeous MN autumn. Hope you can get out this week and enjoy some beautiful music in the gorgeous colors of nature!

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