Raccoons, etc. October 11, 2021

Raccoons, etc. October 11, 2021

Between backpack blowing leaves and raccoon sightings, I  think that I may be ready for the rainy days in the forecast.   I captured a photo of Nancy blowing the leaves into the woods.   As you may notice in the photo,  she also had my ball thrower in her one hand.  I was patiently  waiting for another turn to catch my orange ball.  Actually, I think I could sit outside all day long on these types of days.  Besides, don’t raccoons only come out during the night hours (unless they are sick)?

So, it was 5:00 AM when we turned the outside lights on to see a huge raccoon scurry off from the deck and run under the fence.   Then, that raccoon had the nerve to stare us down as if to say, “Come on, let Harmony out to play with me!”  Nancy made me wait for quite a while.   Seriously, I almost had to pee on the rug.  But,  hey, I am a well trained standard poodle (thanks to Jill, Musicque Standard Poodles) so I waited without jiggling around too much.   We searched the trees because sometimes those raccoons climb up and watch over us, going unnoticed at first.

My one of many  clean sherpa blankets is so nice after such a busy day.  My energy will be rejuvenated after I finish dictating this blog.   I was too lazy to write it today, so I hope Siri doesn’t goof on too many spellings and grammar.  Nancy warned me about Siri, saying she has sent incorrect messages often because she didn’t check Siri’s work.

OK, after I tell Siri to send this blog, I am taking a much needed nap.   Have a great week!

One thought on “Raccoons, etc. October 11, 2021

  1. The wildlife sure have been active lately! I’m not a fan of raccoons either, but thankfully we haven’t seen any around here recently. Ike & I saw two deer walking down the middle of the road as we were walking back into the neighborhood from our evening walk last week. In our yard, the squirrels aren’t even afraid of animals or humans coming near them! And the other night, our neighbor’s video camera captured a fox playing with one of their dog’s toys in the middle of the night! We had no idea there were still fox in the neighborhood, since no one had seen one in years. It looks like Nancy has had to deal with a lot of leaves but that backpack blower looks great. We’re looking forward to some rainy days too – it’s far to dry around here. Enjoy the rainy days!

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