Left at Home: October 7, 2021

Left at Home: October 7, 2021

I don’t complain much, if at all, right?  Well, not until now.   Today, I was left at home with Greg while Nancy went up north to visit her Mom.   I  was  fine because I like hanging out with Greg; but then, she had to show me some of the photos of the day at the farm.  Her excuse was that she had things to do to help her Mom that would have been boring for me?    Do these photos below resemble anything boring to you?  I don’t think so!!!

Inside that little white building were all the storm windows, waiting to be cleaned.  (Maybe one day I will share with you the stories about that little white building.)   I could have waited patiently outside and watched. Come on, I am a  good dog!   Then, just look at that cool path going into the woods – I would have loved that too!  So, why was she showing me these photos when it only made me sad I missed the beautiful adventure!  Next time, I am definitely going to insist on a walk through the woods to her brother’s house (besides, he has three dogs I want to meet).

I think today was a trip down memory lane for Nancy.   Just look at that cool steel art Nancy’s Dad made years ago?!    Near that was the field where Nancy played many a baseball games with her brothers.   Her brothers let her play because they were cool!  Family is everything , and Nancy was trying to tell me that I am such a great dog because of my parents, etc. too.    That is when she kind of lost me and I just said, let me look through more photos, please!

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