Ombré Tinting: September 30, 2021

Ombré Tinting: September 30, 2021

It is another gorgeous autumn  week here in Minnesota.  As we walk this week, we are enjoying the color changes on the trees.  Along our stroll, we came across a beautiful array of fall colors only at the tips of one particular  tree.  Suddenly, we came to an abrupt stop when Nancy declared “This is nature’s natural ombré tree tinting!”  So, she plopped me under the tree for the photo enclosed in this blog.

Of course, she had to explain  to me the definition of ombré tinting.   Ombré tinting is coloring just the ends of a person’s hair.  Apparently, people pay a lot of money at hair salons to have the ends of their hair colored.  When I asked Nancy why she doesn’t do that she said, it’s more for younger people.  I guess now I’m gonna pay more attention to human’s  hair colors?!

God’s natural  color splendor has been on full display  via the trees.    While Nancy was mowing the lawn near the woods, she chose to enjoy another gorgeous colored tree.   I must say it was much appreciated after  she stepped on so many black walnuts in the woods.   I see her throwing those same black walnuts out of the backyard, so I wondered what she would do when mowing in the wooded area where those walnuts landed.    You know, I was proud of her for not becoming too annoyed by hundreds of walnuts.  Rather, she ventured into the woods further to capture the photo of the bright red colors surrounding one lonely tree trunk.  By the way, I asked her why she doesn’t throw the walnuts further into the woods and she said, “I must be careful with my arms to not cause another injury.”   OK then.

Take time to enjoy this lovely fall season!  We sure are loving it!

2 thoughts on “Ombré Tinting: September 30, 2021

  1. Such beautiful pictures of this gorgeous autumn season! Ike & I have also enjoyed the beautiful colors in Hyland Park. The fogginess of early fall mornings combined with the deep golds and maroons of the changing leaves is more beautiful than any painting. Here’s to another week of filling our buckets with the beauty that surrounds us, if we just step outside and notice it.

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful dog and wonderful scenery. When I was growing up we had two black walnut trees and they produced a LOT of those walnuts. They were delicious to eat and when the trees got old they were cut down and my dad made tables from the wood. They are gorgeous and still around today – reminding us of him and of the wonders of nature producing such things. Happy fall!

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