Limbo Dance, etc. September 24, 2021

Limbo Dance, etc. September 24, 2021

I understand that it is quite cool to  have your very own limbo dance set-up in your front yard.  I had no idea what it was until Nancy explained it on our walk back to the house one day after a big storm.   A big tree branch had fallen and was parallel to the ground, creating the limbo branch.   Well, it was not a big deal for me because I could easily go under the branch.  No, Nancy decided not to do the limbo dance in case the branch fell more.

But then, we went to move the branch and learned that it was hung up on one of Greg’s ham radio antennas.      So, now I am wondering about the need for a dog version of the limbo dance?!   Or, maybe some of the strange things you humans do are just meant for us dogs to be your spectators?  You humans, you are rather strange, you know!

Over here, we can’t get too much of this gorgeous fall weather!   It is our favorite season around here.   The changing colors on the trees and the cooler weather are so welcome. I don’t even mind dodging the hundreds of fallen walnuts in our backyard.    My only hope is that Nancy doesn’t accidentally start throwing walnuts for me to fetch.   I like my current balls I fetch, thank you!  Now, it is raining as I finish this blog.   Ah, the fragrant smell of rain is another beauty within the air today.   Enjoy your weekend!

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