September 18, 2021

September 18, 2021

The equivalent of any  human emotions has been growing  exponentially in my dog mind lately.   I suppose this does not come as a surprise to any of you reading this, right?  This is what happens when you live with humans who are obsessed with their dog.  Maybe it is the same for humans though.   If a human believes another human has the ability to do anything they set their mind to, it is also possible for them to project that positivity to their pets.   Of course, we don’t strive to do the vast things that humans accomplish.  But, that doesn’t mean that in our minds, our dreams are any less important.

Perhaps you are now aware that it is a quiet day and once again, I have too much time to contemplate my dog life.   As long as I get my exercise, I am that  fabulous therapy dog that constantly initiates calmness and joy.  Louie never bragged; but, yes, I am being quite boastful about my accomplishments around this home.   Rather than overthink all of this, let’s just agree to say that I love my life here.  I am so loved.

Now, it is already the afternoon and I have yet to finish this short blog.  I am sitting outside with Nancy on the deck.      I understand why she constantly tells Greg to take  those chimes down because they are too much.  She just looks at me and only says, “compromise for now” and I figure it is a mute issue.    We would much prefer to listen to birds, swaying  trees and the wind. So, we wait and relish the moments that the chimes stop for those brief moments as if they heard Nancy conduct them to take a fermata.   My emotions are peace and calm and I have rubbed off on Nancy.   We can handle those chimes.


One thought on “September 18, 2021

  1. Sorry Harmony but I have to disagree about the chimes. I absolutely LOVE wind chimes and have several on my screen porch and I enjoy them year round. To me they sound joyful and happy and even hopeful and I love them. But then again, I love the wind and that causes the chimes to chime so you see – it is just a circle. I like circles. I am happy you were able to enjoy peace and quiet without the chimes however. To each his own, right?

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