A Busy Week: September 13, 2021

A Busy Week: September 13, 2021

Today, I am choosing  to sit on my quiet hillside to do a rough draft of my blog. You see, it has been  unusually busy  around here for the past week, so I had to venture out of the house  for some solitude.   I  love it when Nancy entertains at home (even though rare) because then my mind is stimulated by others.   Of course, I am going to dwell on people that bring their dogs along, so  I will share  the visit of   Alicia, Andy and Brie. Do you remember Brie from another visit?  Well, she is very chill and that is fine with me.   I can pick up  social cues when my dog friends just want to simply hang out with me, leaving all running activity behind.   Brie definitely is more of a philosophical dog.  I mean just look at her expression!   No way does she want to run after a ball or frisbee.

We really enjoyed listening to Andy play guitar too.   Hmmmm……whatever happened to Nancy’s guitar practice? Whoops!   Andy assured Nancy that her used Taylor guitar she found is wonderful.  His display of guitar talent confirmed the beautiful tones being stored in that guitar for the  awakening of  sounds.

Sometimes, I just have to stay home with Greg while Nancy goes out on her adventures.   Yesterday, she met up with six other high school friends.  She had not seen them for over 40 plus years and described  it  as a wonderful visit.   Now, she promises to take me to see some of my old friends too……both, dogs and people.   (Just a warning for some of you!)  After her much too short visit with her HS friends, she picked up her Mom to go to a fish fry at her niece’s house. Twice in one month,  she has seen these adorable great-nieces and nephew.   I was really bummed I missed out on the visit with those cute kids!

It may remain a mystery as to why all of the sudden social activity for all of us this past week?   Remember, I inherited the title of Louie’s blog “Lighthearted” and while I feel I am lighthearted, I would probably call it Harmless Harmony’s Adventures or something like that…..Humorous, High-spirited….you get the point.   I don’t think I am hilarious, nor is Nancy or Greg…….maybe just the fact that I, a DOG is writing this should make the title Happy-Go-Lucky Harmony?!  You see, I really need to not think so much, nor worry about anything and just remain Happy Me!



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  1. What a fun and bucket-filling week! The story about guitar playing brought back memories of when I took guitar lessons as a kid. I never lasted with acoustic guitar but did end up playing bass guitar as a part of the jazz band in high school. I wasn’t great, but for me, it was more about doing what my friends were doing. So there are many reasons to play an instrument, other than just mastering it 🙂 I hope your week is full of many fun adventures!

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