Grooming: September 6, 2021

Grooming: September 6, 2021

Have you ever lived vicariously through someone else? Just because Nancy can’t seem to find a talented hair stylist, she seems to think I must always be groomed better than her! Yup, vicarious living even through a dog. There I said it!  Don’t misunderstand me, she most definitely is not the best groomer; however, I humor her.   But, I certainly am not looking for a different groomer, because my breeder is too busy and do you think this overprotective dog Mom would take me anywhere else?

There is one huge difference between a woman’s haircut and being groomed as a standard poodle!  First of all, a woman’s haircut takes at the most, an hour.    For the typical standard poodle grooming, the professionals can do it in perhaps a half a day.  But, oh no, not my Nancy. Literally,  it takes her  days and days.   First, I get my face shaved and as I run around the yard, she realizes I need my toenails ground and paws shaved.  (That is where she should have taken me to the Vet Clinic to be bathed BEFORE my paw shaving.)  Then, we finally go to the Vet Clinic for my long bath.   Finally, I eagerly jump on to the grooming table to be clipped and scissored.     By the time she is finished, my face already needs to be shaved again.

By now, you too are speculating why she herself does not get groomed with her own hair, right?   Maybe some clever person will one day figure out that they should have a combined Human Hairstylist and Dog Grooming Salon?   Seriously, why hasn’t someone thought of this already??    I am quite sure it is because it would not be approved by the health communities.   A dog and a human can dream, however!   


2 thoughts on “Grooming: September 6, 2021

  1. Oh my, it takes a lot of time and patience to groom a dog! But wow, you look fantastic Harmony! My sister-in-law, who is a hair stylist (and an excellent one at that), has said that grooming a dog is incredibly difficult compared to grooming humans. She tried grooming her dogs and gave up after trying several times; she said her dog looked like he had been scalped in places 🙂 So I have immense respect for anyone that even tries dog grooming!

  2. You look gorgeous so all the fussing and fuming was not in vain. She does a good job on you and you both look good all the time!
    When I groomed my standard poodles (and now my mini) I didn’t do nearly as nice a job and it took forever as well. They had quite a few bad hair days!

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