Positive Perspective: August 31, 2021

Positive Perspective: August 31, 2021

After I divulged the information about our not so awesome August, let me give you a positive update.   You may not know this, but us dogs do have a way of helping our human friends.  Yup, we are keen to assist them in putting everything in perspective.  Actually, it was Nancy’s friend Sue that talked some sense into her which I overheard over a series of phone calls.  OK, “it takes a village” to raise adults too you know!   Seriously, I think the whole world would be a far better place if everyone helped each other more often.

I think the other key ingredient of getting over a bad month, is to surround us all in making others smile.   I mean seriously, look at those smiles on Nancy’s  great-nieces and great-nephew!  Those children are like instant  happiness on steroids!   They were a bit hesitant of me so I was simply a bystander; but, I can assure you that my tail was wagging.    Who can ever resist those giggles and the shear joy in their hearts.     I hope that next time, they will let me  be closer to them.?!  No thanks to swing on the swings however.

So, as we go into September, let me remind all of my readers that life is too short to be sad and I am here to write about my dog therapy being successful (again). If you have to ask me how I do it, well then, you just don’t know me too well yet?!    I am kind of a human whisperer and I hope that when you meet me, you too will sense my tranquility and inner joy as well.

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  1. This sounds horrible and very negative, but in our family August has always been a bad time – we have lost parents, friends and relatives during August (to say nothing of my beloved Ben on August 20. 2015) so we are always happy to tell August – “good riddance!” This year my brother was in a very serious car accident but is still with us and recovering slowly. Thank God for keeping him still with us! I am greeting September with enthusiasm and a renewed faith in something GOOD for a change and I hope it will be for you and Nancy and all of you! May we all go forward with courage and new hope, love and faith in something better – soon. I pray that everyone’s path gets a little smoother and the air a little clearer and the skies a little more blue. God bless you all!

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