Pacing: August 19, 2021

Pacing: August 19, 2021

Recently, I was trying to get Nancy to pick up her pace a  bit.  I mean, seriously, I know I am fast, but  isn’t my job to get her heart rate up for at least 30-60  minutes a day?   All she had to do was “get a wiggle on it” and soon we were in sync.   I am sure all of you can relate to this, right?   Jeepers,   even I have some rare days when I can’t keep up to Nancy!   Actually, I think those are the days that she consumes too much coffee!   Hmmmm…I wonder if any dogs ever drink ice coffee?  No thanks for me.

Picking up the pace does tie in with last week’s blog on breathing. There seems to be a sigh of relief when we start out for our walk each day.  There we are with  less than an hour to breathe in nature and/or listen to music.   Yay hello, when will they ever come out with dog headphones or earbuds?  Maybe I can convince Nancy to let me try her wireless headphones?  Then, if they don’t work for me, I will design some for dogs.  That’s it!  Why hasn’t someone thought of that in the past?  I better take some deep breaths while I contemplate this idea.  I must pace my plan realistically.

Maybe we all need to learn how to pace ourselves.   I watch you humans fail at this all the time because you compare yourselves to what others can do, instead of your own potential.  What might be a huge break through for one person, may be what someone else accomplished far sooner.   But, that does not make it any less, does it?  No, time is not of the essence as much as simply arriving. After many discussions with Nancy on this topic, I can only share that I think she thinks too much!  Voila, that is where my job comes in…… her breathe and to pace herself.







2 thoughts on “Pacing: August 19, 2021

  1. Harmony, The headphones might help with the barking dogs. It would distract them from sounds they hear outside. I know a couple dogs who bark at every sound and scare you to death… could play them some smooth jazz.
    My pace sure gets slower as I age. Not sure I could keep up with you guys. I will take your advice and breathe though, such a good reminder. Thank you.

  2. Such great advice, as usual, Harmony! It’s really hard for many people to pace themselves, but I guess that’s something that endurance athletes like marathon runners or swimmers must have to learn. Perhaps we could take a lesson from them and figure out how they approach pacing. Your comment about headphones for dogs got me thinking…do you suppose dogs hear music and sound in the same way humans do? Not that we’d ever really be able to definitively figure that out, but it is an interesting thought to ponder. I do know they hear tones differently from humans, so perhaps what’s pleasant to us may not be to them? I guess you’ll have to weigh in once you develop those doggy headphones! Have a great weekend!

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