Just Breathe: August 10, 2021

Just Breathe: August 10, 2021

Sometimes in life, we have to help our human companions just step aside and coach them to JUST BREATHE!  I won’t get into the details because I am forbidden. However, a few additional walks and sitting near our favorite trees definitely is the perfect solution.  It allows us to view our situations from the outside.   As we look in, we hear ourselves say, let it go and allow it to take it’s time.

Oh boy, take me for instance.   I came to live with my companions when they had two other dogs.    My wonderful breeder knew this would be my perfect home; but, not until recently did they fully appreciate me.     Sure, they loved me and doted on me like they did for Louie and Serenade; but,  I was there when they had to say good-bye to those incredible dogs.     I had to listen to all of their reminiscing about them, not to mention those tears every time Louie or Serenade memories surfaced.  So, think about the timing of all of the above, who knew I would be loved beyond anyone’s dreams in the end.  I know and I now am here to say that my timing was perfect for me to come and live here.

In case you are wondering why all the memories and breathing advice, here it is.   Yesterday, they finally baked Louie’s paw print.  Isn’t that a grand idea from their Vet!  Thank you Dr. Jackie P. and staff.  For now, my living paw will continue to remind them to BREATHE and take one day at a time.  Oh, and of course, sit by our favorite trees!

P.S.  Happy Birthday, Joyce!


2 thoughts on “Just Breathe: August 10, 2021

  1. Harmony. The paw print is so special. I bet it did take your breath away♡
    My favorite line: “..and who knew I would be loved beyond anyone’s dreams in the end…” I remember when you came to Nancy. Love blossoms in time, and you bring her so much joy! Thanks for your blog and good advice!

  2. Oh Harmony – yes, breathing is not only critical for physical health but I think we humans often forget it is also critical for psychological health! And what better way to remember to breathe than to slow things down. That’s an awesome idea to bake Louie’s pawprints – I may need to “borrow” that idea 🙂 Enjoy the beautiful week!

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