Music for the Pigs, August 1, 2021

Music for the Pigs, August 1, 2021

I was appalled when I witnessed Nancy walking out of the house with her saxophone toward the neighbor’s pig pen. Out of the blue, she scooped up her saxophone and didn’t even give me time to plead to tag along. I guess I do get a bit rambunctious when we go visit the pigs? (Come on, I don’t get out much!)   Oh sure, she left the front door shade open so I could  sit there yearning to be with her.  It was at this point that I realized that we both are codependent on each other.  So, I sat at the window watching and listening.

As she began playing her own composition (yup, I have heard it often), the male pig became extremely curious.   He started to almost bow up and down as if approving of her sounds.   I wish I would have had binoculars because Nancy described it as if the pig was happy.  Happy until, she came to the section in the music that had a series of fast notes.  Then, the pig (I am not telling you their names to protect their identity!) backed up a little and as Nancy continued, the pig hightailed it for the back of the pig pen.   Of course,  you know Nancy and she tried every note possible to lure the pig back, only to eventually stop.  It was almost as if the pig was saying, OK, enough is enough!

Some of you may have received the video of the first experiment of the music for the pigs? Nancy will not be sharing that video here  of  her original music because it  is not yet published or recorded.  Someday, she hopes to finish her many compositions.  I guess,  the pigs and myself are “guinea pigs” for her music.   Music therapy happens for everyone!


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  1. Wow – that’s so interesting! What do you suppose the pig was responding to? The tones, pace, rhythm? I wonder what the hearing range of a pig is? Does music sound the same to them as it does to us? And when the pig ran, do you suppose that was a response to the music or to something else? It would be interesting to repeat the scenario just to see if you got exactly the same response (the science part of my mind running wild again!). What a fun experiment with music – thanks for sharing!

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