Homemade Pizza: July 29, 2021

Homemade Pizza: July 29, 2021

Pizza is not really my thing;  but, since I had to watch Nancy make her first home-made pizza, I will  bore you with the interesting event.  I watched her search pizza recipes for weeks.    To my surprise, she brought home both Trader Joe’s pizza dough and their pizza sauce.  I guess that just saves me from writing about the possible fiasco that would have taken place with her own pizza dough?    Don’t worry, I am sure that she will try to make her pizza dough from scratch next time.    At first when I watched her kneading the pizza dough, I wondered if she was making me some type of dog treat.  But, that idea was soon dismissed when I watched her plaster pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on top of the dough.

I was rather perplexed by all the topping suggestions that she considered before choosing Canadian bacon and pineapple.  I suppose most of my dog treats have that many ingredients too; however, they mix them all together without being fancy.    Finally, the pizza went into the oven for about ten minutes as they waited in anticipation of a yummy pizza.   Well, the pizza was a huge success!

Just like any good dog would do, I sat and watched them devour that delicious pizza.  In retrospect, I realize that I know that it is “never about me” but, geez, that pizza looked so good and I wanted a slice! OK, so I would have done what Nancy does and pick off piece by piece each topping.  I am quite sure I would not have liked the actual sauce, just the toppings and the crust.   I will never know though, will I?

Other than pizza and all that pizzazz, it has been extremely hot and humid here.  Maybe some of my readers will share about their own homemade pizza experiences?    Here is a photo of the Hawaiian Pizza from last week.

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  1. Hello Harmony! The pizza you witnessed being made looks delicious! You’d be interested to know that Stefan also uses Trader Joe’s dough balls for his pizza crust. He’s quite gotten into pizza making with the recent acquisition of a wood-fired pizza oven (a combined Father’s Day, anniversary, and birthday gift). We had thought about getting a pizza oven for over five years, and finally, after much researching, he decided it was time. There was one he was looking at from Costco, and he had considered it for months. After asking numerous people about it, he decided to go ahead and order it, and a-la-Costco, it was no longer available! I told him to wait a bit since Costco usually brings things back that have been popular. And sure enough, about a month later, a newer better model popped up and he didn’t hesitate for a minute, and we had a pizza oven by early May. It’s been going non-stop ever since. From the more typical margherita pizzas to a shredded beef and cheese pizza, to his recently concocted “Badger” pizza (with cheese curds, a Wisconsin beer cheese spread, and summer sausage), we have tried many types and varieties of pizzas! Thankfully we have neighbors willing to help us eat some of his creations 🙂 We’re looking forward to trying more new pizzas (limited only by ingredients and creativity) and hope you enjoy pizza making as much as we have! (but no dog pizzas here either…sorry Harmony!)

    1. Hello Dana! Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm about homemade pizzas! It sounds like you have quite a pizza chef at your house. We definitely have learned that the preheated pizza stone helps make the perfect pizza crust. Keep on enjoying your Costco pizza oven. As always, thanks for reading my blogs!

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