Best Gifts Are Free! July 6, 2021

Best Gifts Are Free! July 6, 2021

So, it seems that my buddy Greg has a birthday in July. Nancy & I  were recently discussing what we should do for his birthday month?   After she mentioned so many woodworking items and other stuff,  she shared that all Greg wants is a clean basement room.   I knew that was not going to be easy.   It was just a matter of setting aside a half of day to sort through her clutter.   Even if most of the items were to be donated, I wondered how long it would sit, neatly stacked?  OK, one or two boxes have “dog stuff” in them; such as, books and dog coats.  No, she better not give those away, right?

As people get older, gifts certainly do change, don’t they?!  Suddenly, material things don’t mean much anymore; whereas, time and things done in love are all that matter.   Just think about that concept!   Us dogs, all we want is to give you time to learn how to truly love and give of yourselves to be with us!   You don’t see us any happier because of the sparkly leash you buy for us, do you?   No, you really buy those sparkly dog collars, etc. for you!

The truth sometimes hurts, but, I am not trying to be mean at all.  I love those life lessons that I see humans learn over and over again.   The best gifts don’t cost any money; the best gifts are done in love, made in love and all that other “gushy” human stuff.  I better clarify however, that I do love my good treats – that one brand, oh, I forget.   I do understand if you have to buy some yummy foods for gifts, that one I get!


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