Wood Turning Bowls: June 30, 2021

Wood Turning Bowls: June 30, 2021

I know that LOUIE never wrote about wood turning so I think I will attempt to write about Greg’s hobby of wood turning. Last year for  Greg’s Valentine’s Day gift,  Nancy  bought a few slabs of wood from Rockler.  I must admit, I thought, what in the world is she giving him a bunch of wood for as a gift? Greg was ecstatic when she presented him  with the gift.   “Wood” n’t you know that I discovered yet another talent that Greg would nurture in the next months and  years!

Let  me make a comparison that I think fits this wood turning revelation. There are many times we  drive by the same things every single day and totally miss a beautiful thing until one day it pops out  at us  as if   “a light goes” and we  wonder how we never noticed it before?  So it is with the wood turning at this house.   I spent hours in the garage with Greg, dreaming to the sound of that wood lathe as I rested in my dog bed.   I must add that, like Nancy, I too had become accustomed to some noise to filter the air as I take my naps.   Ok, so the wood lathe is louder than a fan, but just as soothing to me.    With all the noise of the wood lathe, I neglected to observe what the noise was producing, until recently!
 There, on the wood lathe, beautiful bowls started to appear. I wondered  if all these unique bowls were being crafted for my new dog dishes?    When I inquired about such a hope, I learned that they were for friends and family,  and not for the dog in the family! However, relief set in when I learned many of the bowls would  stay on our glass shelves for observation.   Many of the bowls are to be gifts for others, but Nancy keeps saying, “Oh, you can’t give that one away!”       All of a sudden, rather than seeing slabs of wood, I  now  imagine potential gorgeous bowls.      I don’t think this will be the last time I write about wood turning.

One thought on “Wood Turning Bowls: June 30, 2021

  1. Wow, the bowls are incredible! What wonderful hobby that brings such beautiful results and pleasure to both the maker and recipient! And a nice side-effect for you Harmony is the relaxing sounds of the lathe. What – no bowls for the dog? I’m wondering if maybe there’s a special dog bowl being crafted especially for you soon 🙂 Have a wonderful Independence Day weekend and stay cool!

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