June 25, 2021

June 25, 2021

Not many people quite understand my need to continue Louie’s blog.   I will be the first to admit that I was indeed one of those skeptical dogs  myself at one time.  But now, I realize not only the need to write  my observations about humans, but also, how it helps me process my life’s purpose here on earth.    It really is not that different from the human purpose in so many ways!  OK, fine if you leave now, because I  just need to say this.     As a dog on this earth, our goal is simply to bring companionship to you humans and to help you enjoy your lives here more.   Isn’t that so much of your human goals on earth as well?  If not, shouldn’t it be?    I think it is quite obvious in our world lately that people are not helping each other enough.

Lately, I have been so excited  and eager to  accompanying Nancy everywhere she goes.  Now, even I notice, that it  is  easier to stay at home on my couch  than tag along on her various journeys.   First I behave so well so that I will always be able to accompany my family.  But then,  I start to wonder,  if I behave so well, my family may go for a weekend without me and leave me with someone else?  Yes, now I am afraid that I have created my own conundrum.  It isn’t as though I would not be on my best behavior if I either go somewhere for a weekend without my family or if someone stays at my house to dog sit me!?

Perhaps, I have been getting out more to absorb  how great  I  have it at this home?   That is all for today.  I want to go rest on my couch now!



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