June 13, 2021: Sealing Black Walnut

June 13, 2021: Sealing Black Walnut

You know, Nancy never sits over my shoulder to help me write, even though I  ask her to proofread my blogs. I think she is finally understanding the mission of us dogs on earth.  If you have not noticed, us dogs like to make people happy.   Oh sure, we know that you think you make us happy by giving us treats and taking us on walks; but, in truth, it helps all of you humans become less focused on yourself.
Yesterday, we were in the backyard a long time.   I was relegated to simply watching them seal  black walnut by painting bowl blanks.   I know most of you have no idea what bowl blanks are so I will explain.   Bowl blanks are chunks of wood for making bowls on a lathe.  Now, I recall one year for Valentine’s Day, Nancy bought some bowl blanks at Rockler.    I admit, I thought “what the heck” why would she give him blocks of wood?  Then, I soon learned how much Greg loved those maple burl and walnut bowl blanks and saw how happy it made him.    Now, Nancy looks at wood in a new light.
After we were among all those trees and walnut logs yesterday, I convinced everyone that we need to go for more nature walks.    Not that we live in the past around here, however, it is healthy when reminiscing can have lovely memories surface.   Of course, many of you know that Nancy grew up surrounded by trees.   She says the only thing better than walking among trees is strolling through Paris. I only mention this all because those hours in the woods yesterday were  so very peaceful.     Now, as I write my blog, I am listening to Alexandre Desplat music – yes, a fabulous French composer. Go figure, Paris, French Music…….and all inspired by those many lovely walks in the woods and Paris. Hmmmm…….I wouldn’t mind living in France one day?!

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  1. I must admit that black walnut wood has very special memories for me. Years ago we had two black walnut trees in our yard and my dad cut them down and made wonderful tables from them. All of his grandchildren got a special black walnut creation. His memory lives on in all those creations. Incidentally my dad played a fabulous Eflat alto sax – all self taught but beautiful. There are many memories that tie us all together, aren’t there. Be happy and remember that music is a gift. If you can create it you are special, but appreciating it counts too.

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