Going With the Flow: June 8, 2021

Going With the Flow: June 8, 2021

I might as well write a blog since it is too hot to be outside!   This morning, it did not take me long to realize it was much more humid outside than yesterday.  There is not even any wind, whatsoever.   I don’t have much to report because while my family was off to wedding events, a graduation/birthday party, I was stuck at home.   They didn’t even leave the Minnesota Twin’s game on the TV while they were away.   But then, I guess I was happy to have so many hours to  relax in  peace.

What do you all do when it is too hot to be outside?  Maybe I should help Nancy research cool slushie drinks for dogs?   I think you already know that she is not so great in the kitchen, though she tries (HA!)   So, perhaps if I would find the recipes, she would try them to at least humor me?! Now, I am not trying to be mean, I just don’t “beat around the bush” and I want some cool treats.

Then, once I have a refreshing treat, I could watch some Minnesota Twin’s baseball or a movie?  If you have not yet noticed, us dogs tend to go with the flow wherever we are.  Yup, whether outside or inside, we can adapt easily to our circumstances and make the best of any situation.   I like what I read from wordhippo.com  “To act as others are acting, conforming to common behavior patterns with an attitude of calm acceptance.”      Maybe you humans could learn a thing or two from us dogs about such calm acceptance?!  Perhaps I should clarify something?   Today, go with  the flow meaning, make the best of your situation TODAY.

P.S.  I am including a photo of the Iris garden on the side of our house because it  was  such beauty for the week in which they bloomed.

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