Garage Sales: May 20, 2021

Garage Sales: May 20, 2021

This week, I think I will write about garage sales.   Oh, I don’t know much about them, except that I don’t get to go along. When I ask why not?   The response I get is “Well, Harmony, not everyone likes dogs and I wouldn’t want to leave you in the car!”  What kind of excuse is that anyway?   I would never jump out a window or bark at people!   So, I settle on the reality that I have to stay home.   It would be a bit better if people would sell great dog stuff;  but,  I guess most dogs chew up their toys before their toys  can ever be in a garage sale?

OK, so in all fairness, Nancy almost never goes to garage sales anymore. (I mean, can you blame her if she can’t take me along?)   I asked her why she even goes and she said, “It is fun to see what people consider garage sale stuff and it is just a fun adventure.”   I must say, she went back to a local sale to buy this beautiful pottery salad set (photo included).    It is quite pretty, don’t you think? Sometimes, she said it is like going down memory lane when she finds treasures of her younger years.

We won’t ever have a garage sale!  We live in an area that would not be convenient for a garage sale.  Besides, Nancy claims it is far easier to simply donate to a worthy charity or family in need.    Gee, I could give some of my toys away now that I think of it?   Oh my… many thoughts about garage sales now that I write about them.   She promised I can go with her when Greg accompany’s us.  I am still contemplating the fact that Nancy said not everyone likes dogs!   Nancy said, “Don’t overthink it Harmony, the same people that are not dog lovers are the same people you probably don’t want to meet anyway!”

2 thoughts on “Garage Sales: May 20, 2021

  1. You definitely know summer is imminent when you start seeing signs for garage sales! The pottery salad set is beautiful – what a great find! I think we could now have a garage sale with JUST dog toys since Ike is so picky about what he likes. If a toy has a squeaker, it’s definitely not garage sale worthy, but all other toys…well, they’re in pristine condition because he doesn’t find them “worthy” of his attention. And I don’t blame you Harmony, who wouldn’t want to go on a fun adventure? I hope Greg accompanies Nancy soon so you can go with. Maybe you can find some fun places to explore in the process? Happy hunting!

  2. Harmony, when I had my standards (like you) I always took them because everyone was SO amazed by their beauty and uniqueness (just like you I would say). Everyone loves golden retrievers (which I have also) but they are not the “take your breath away” beauty like you standards are! I think you should get to go to everything!

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