Oh My, Chipmunks! May 4, 2021

Oh My, Chipmunks! May 4, 2021

I think many of you will be able to relate to this little critter story.  Spring is such a lovely time of year when the grass is growing and we can plant flowers again.    Around here, less is more, seems to be the theme this year.   So, when Nancy noticed that a chipmunk was digging in her one flower pot in the front of her house, she had some mixed reactions.   First, she was mad and then, she started laughing when she recalled that the same thing happened last year.  All I could do was distract her from the flower disaster to the  side yard for our ball game.

I just realized that the same chipmunk that I like to chase, may be the pot digger?  Oh my….maybe he was trying to find a hiding spot from me?     I guess the chipmunk doesn’t realize that I just wanted to play with him, not harm him?  It has been awhile since I was misinterpreted, so what what do I do?    Louie would tell me not to overthink this, but I certainly hope I did not chase away that chipmunk.  Besides, that little chipmunk is quite a bit more entertaining than my human friends! (sorry)

Maybe I should spend more time looking at the birds anyhow instead of chasing chipmunks?   Birds have such beautiful voices, so I will try to learn which birds go with their sounds.   Chipmunks just have that chirping that sounds like they are saying, “come on, try to catch me?”   Yup, and I always fall for their teasing.  I am sure you too have examples of being teased, so, don’t judge me for chasing those chipmunks.

One thought on “Oh My, Chipmunks! May 4, 2021

  1. Oh my, this took me right back to when Ike was younger! We had a chipmunk that would even come up to our sliding glass door as if looking for him to come out and play! And yes, Ike always fell for their teasing too…now in his older years, he seems much less aware of them. Aren’t the bird songs in the morning just the best! It’s as though they’re singing about everything coming back to life as we continue to limp into spring. Your flowers are gorgeous and I hope you are successful keeping that little critter out of the flower pot!

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