Rainy Mondays! April 26, 2021

Rainy Mondays! April 26, 2021

This rainy Monday morning certainly is welcome!   Besides, who doesn’t love a rainy Monday morning, right?! After a day trip yesterday, I found myself rather exhausted last night.  I know, it isn’t like I had to do any labor work or anything, but still, the unknown can be stressful.   I must say however, once my familiar sheepskin blanket was placed on the carpet, I did relax.    Even though I was mostly invisible under the kitchen table, I am glad to report that I was not ignored.   But, if you have read these blogs in the past, you are aware that we are never neglected.

So, back to rainy mornings.   There is something about a rainy morning, that leaves me feeling such a sigh of relief.   Sure, it will delay our walk and our fetch the ball playtime, but who doesn’t love a pause in their schedule once in awhile!?   I can nudge Nancy to complete the many things she has begun and not yet completed.   Even I see that the linen closet needs some of those towels to become rags for Greg’s shop.  Oh my, I feel like I could  “open a can of worms” here if I continue on organization around here?

Instead, let me ask my readers what you  like about rainy mornings?   What do you do on a rainy day?  I also realize that what you like to do on a rainy morning, may be interrupted by your work schedules?   Needless to say, we can all dream about what we like to do on any day, so I say,  DREAM ON!

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