Some Signs of Normality! April 11, 2021

Some Signs of Normality! April 11, 2021

Lately, there are signs of life getting “back to normal” if that is even possible anymore?!   After all, for us dogs, the biggest difference in the last year is that we were with our human companions almost 24/7.    I am not saying that would not have been my choice, I am simply stating the facts right now.  I wonder how many of you welcomed the peaceful moments in your home day after day and the shear contentment of solitude that kept happening?  Just  think about how Serenade left us right before the coronavirus  and how Louie left us in the midst of it all.   We really were able to enjoy the memories of Serenade and Louie during the pandemic, because we had time to reflect.  So, around here, getting back to normal, may just be more of the same in that we love to stay home anyway!

One of Nancy’s music students stopped by last night to have some work done on his reeds.   Surely, this is a sign of life back to normal because she couldn’t work on reeds via on-line lessons.  My ears perked up when I heard Alek say, “As soon as I get my vaccines, I would like to continue lessons, in person here.”   When all of those music lessons are on-line, I don’t see the students because I am laying in my dog bed.   I really like Alek, so I am excited I will get to see him soon.

Here is the last “back to normal” I have witnessed.   Our new neighbors dropped off a thank you gift (long story) and in this lovely basket/tub were beautiful SPRING bulbs and adorable gifts….I mean, just look at the bunny in the gift!   Today should be a great day to plant those new bulbs.  I am content and I hope you are as well?!

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