My New Adventure: April 2, 2021

My New Adventure: April 2, 2021

Honestly, (because why would us dogs ever lie), here goes my adventure story.   Remember, I told you that I was going to be able to go to Nancy’s Music Studio, right?! My adventure surpassed any  expectations after meeting some of  her very cool students!    I  certainly did not expect any of them to welcome me with such a warm embrace.  Since I was in unknown territory, I must admit that I had my guard up just a little.  But, it was for no reason, except for a new experience.   All of her students were both amiable and perceptive.

May I just say that both Nancy and I agree that while it is fine to have expectations, at times it is advantageous to not have expectations.   Let me explain myself.  When we strive to achieve a goal, whether it is in dog obedience  or music auditions, it is crucial to have high expectations to progress. But, when it comes to social events and new adventures, expectations should be lighter or eliminated all together.    This was all so fresh in my mind since Nancy recently had a birthday in which she eliminated any expectations (except my daily walk of course!)   I found this very odd until she announced that it was one of her best birthdays because of no expectations. Hmmmmm……  That is exactly why I loved my adventure to her music studio.  I had no idea what to expect, so I did not expect anything.

Note, I was totally in awe of these great saxophone students.  Not only were they really nice people, they were fabulous musicians.  I don’t think they even knew the impact of my visit  upon my future visits.   I just couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing these new friends ever again.   So, can you imagine the relief I felt when Nancy said to me that night “Harmony, I think I will take you with me more often to my Music Studio!”  Who is the Happy Easter Poodle now?!😊 Happy Easter!    Below are photos from my adventure and my new friends.

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  1. Happy Easter to you and your family Harmony! Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure – I can’t think of anything more enjoyable than meeting really nice new people while listening to amazing music. And I’m so glad you will get to join Nancy on her adventures in the future! You can just see the smiles on the kids sitting next to you in the pictures – it’s clear that you brought as much joy as you received 🙂 If April showers bring May flowers, we’re in for a real treat in the weeks ahead. And please wish Nancy a very happy birthday from everyone in our family! Have a great week!

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