My Upcoming Adventure! March 28, 2021

My Upcoming Adventure! March 28, 2021

While Nancy  is  listening to  a  CD of Steven Isserlis  play  cello, she suddenly made an exciting announcement.   She told me that since most of her saxophone students are on Spring Break this week, she is going to have me accompany her to her rented space.    I can not begin to tell you how I have pleaded with her to allow me to go on such an adventure.    Finally, the day will arrive and I will be on my best behavior.   Hopefully,   this will be the beginning of many of my dog therapy assignments.  Oh no, did I just say that? I figure the few saxophone students that meet me will go home ecstatic about their saxophone lesson.  Once their parents inquire about their level of excitement, they will tell them about the encounter with me.   Wait, what did you think?

Of course, they will perform better in their saxophone lesson because of the nuances of  emotions that I will establish upon their arrival.  I am so glad  you asked  how I will accomplish such an atmosphere?   It is rather quite simple.   I am a great listener  and I will set her students at complete ease.  They will sense that they can tell me anything through their music.   Us dogs hear things you humans don’t hear….we feel more than you may think too!

By now, you are probably thinking about what kind of sensible teacher takes their dog along to teach?!    Well, my response will be, why not?     Besides, don’t you think it is fun to change things around a bit?   I am not trying to justify why I get to accompany her at all, I am just so excited that I can barely complete the blog.  I wonder if she will get me a dog bed for her rented space? Whoops, now I am way ahead of myself on this adventure?   Maybe, I won’t want to go along after I sit through a few saxophone lessons?   Aren’t you a bit excited for me now too?!


2 thoughts on “My Upcoming Adventure! March 28, 2021

  1. You dogs could teach us a few things about the right attitude and accepting what’s in store. We
    “tall ones” are often so critical of everything and want more and different things and you dogs seem to just enjoy what is there and be happy with it. I LOVE the excitement of anticipation that you all display. Being joyful over a toy or a treat or a little trip in the car is beautiful. I love you all for it!

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