Press On! March 21, 2021

Press On! March 21, 2021

This lazy day is exactly what we needed at this home!  Already, I have had two walks.  We sat outside with two rounds of visitors and the relaxing  day just kept happening.  Our lethargic approach to this day was definitely mastered!

After a lackadaisical  Saturday,  we  had some discussions about the need to press on.    I think humans tend to think that they must constantly pursue perfection when really we just need to PRESS ON!   What am I talking about you ask?   If you press on, we simply move forward without dwelling on our lack of progress after a slow day?  Then, the next day with a little bit of nudging, I will get us to take a longer walk than normal.

Here it is Sunday and we began our day with a peaceful, long walk.   I prefer it when Nancy is listening to her music because we both prefer not to chitchat when we walk.    Contrary to what some think, she would much prefer to have her conversations through her music and not words.  If you know her, you already know this.   After all, look who is writing a blog?   It is  not her, but her dog.  Yup, she is not a person of many words.

(I am including photos of me after Nancy FINALLY  completed grooming me.)




One thought on “Press On! March 21, 2021

  1. Harmony-
    You look all “spruced up” for spring! Ike just got his spring haircut and it was much appreciated by all of us when we had to walk in the rain the past couple of days. You look good and I’m sure you feel good too!

    Communication is an interesting thing and I believe we all have preferred ways to communicate. The design students I work with prefer to communicate through images, designs, and color. My preference is definitely words, as you probably know from my many posts on your blog 🙂 Others prefer music, singing, nonverbal communication, and I even had a student who used Google translate to communicate with a customer that spoke a different language, so technology is an increasing form of communication! I think communication, regardless of our preferred form, gives us the opportunity to share who we are at the deepest levels of our being and celebrate or grieve shared experiences. It’s in that commonality that we feel heard, appreciated, and valued.

    Here’s to being heard, in whatever that preferred language might be 🙂

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