Another Trip to the Farm: March 11, 2021

Another Trip to the Farm: March 11, 2021

Ah, the trips to the farm are so relaxing!   It warms my heart so much whenever I  accompany Nancy on the farm visits to see her Mom and brothers.   Often, the days at the farm are full of laughter and stories that I have never yet heard.  I know, for all the chitchatting that I have to listen to on our daily walks, you would think that I have heard it all, right?!  Yesterday, between each round of this card game, they were playing another game.  The other game was simply questions like, “What is one place most people would love to visit that you have no interest in visiting?”  and whoa, did the answers flow!    Of course, while I was under the table listening, no one ever asked me any of the questions.

Later as we drove home, Nancy thanked me for reminding her that to be an exceptional  listener is far more important than any of her chatter.   I knew it was her way of once again showing her appreciation for me.   I know I should not share this, but here it goes.  She even has a book on her book shelf titled “Keep It Shut” which  is never hidden to remind her.  Now, I am not saying that, I am just writing what I have observed!

Maybe it is a good thing that most humans don’t understand our dog  language because we certainly would  be told to keep our mouths shut too!  Not because we don’t have words of wisdom, but rather, they may not want to hear our thoughts? This weekend, is another phase of my grooming with my huge winter coat finally being removed. This is a sure sign of Spring! I will definitely  keep my mouth shut  concerning  Nancy’s grooming  performance today!  


2 thoughts on “Another Trip to the Farm: March 11, 2021

  1. Harmony-
    How fun – a trip to the farm! Our kids always loved going to my parents’ farm and I’m thankful they were exposed to knowing how a farm operates and where their food comes from. Good luck with the grooming! Ike goes in to get “sheared” on Wednesday and it’s always amazing how he looks like he’s lost 20 pounds afterward. I wish a haircut did that for me! Happy “Spring Forward”!

    1. Happy Spring to you too Dana! I hope you are enjoying this lovely day?! Also, I hope to hear about your farm life adventures someday. As always, I sure do enjoy your insightful and wonderful comments. Thank you!

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