It Wasn’t My Fault! March 5, 2021

It Wasn’t My Fault! March 5, 2021

Somedays, I really have valid reasons to chuckle at the humans in my life.  I knew when we  woke up this morning, Nancy would remember her “klutzy” events of last night.   I waited with anticipation of how she would react to her  previous night’s fiascos.    To my amazement,  I was even surprised when one of her first e-mails of the morning was titled  “A Portrait of True Selflessness and Humility” and I laughed when I knew it was meant just for her.
Last night, I  did sleep through most  Nancy’s series of klutzy happenings.   Bare with me while I get a recap.    She  couldn’t sleep, so she got up to make hot chocolate milk. Since  Greg wanted some too,  she warmed up his milk first.  But, she  managed to spill the milk  everywhere when she  poured the milk over the bottom of the mug instead of inside the mug.  (I didn’t dare ask why she didn’t turn on more lights in the kitchen!)  Then, she  continued to  heat up  her milk in her  glass cup. When she took it out of the microwave oven, somehow it chipped the microwave plate.  Anyhow, a  piece of glass got stuck in the sleeve of her robe, cutting her. At that point, she tried to go back to bed.  Restlessness, finally caused her  to get up again.   By this time, I was starting to wonder what was going on?   There she was eating some  gluten-free Trader Joe’s granola when to her  dismay, all of sudden the whole bowl fell off the table and splattered everywhere. 
Now, you may think  that I fabricated this story simply to have new material for my blog, but you can not make this stuff up!  Gee, I am just glad that she shaved my face yesterday without any mishaps to my pretty face.  Oh wait, I think I should read the e-mail  that she was reading this morning on humility?    I don’t often call myself pretty, but I am a confident dog that loves to encourage what my brother Louie started….  Have a lighthearted weekend!

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  1. I personally feel that humility is vastly over-rated and those who know me well often tease me about my dislike for the humility attitude. I personally think we should be proud of who we are and what we accomplish so I applaud Nancy’s sharing of her early hours adventure. She probably just did that for some badly needed comic relief. See how much mileage Harmony got from it? I say – GO NANCY! And – thanks for sharing!

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