February 27, 2020: Awaiting my Grooming!

February 27, 2020: Awaiting my Grooming!

It is almost March and I think the schizophrenic weather is almost over for now.    While I certainly don’t mind being groomed, I am excited to have my extremely long coat trimmed for Spring.   Last time I was bathed, my long coat remained because of the frigid cold weather.   I sure hope Nancy bought some new clipper blades so she can get through my thick coat.   Sometimes I have to remind her that she should not wait until she is grooming to remember such things.   You know, just that look makes her gush over me with apologies.    Jill (my breeder),  if you reading this, I really miss your professional grooming!

As I write my blog, it is absolutely a beautiful day in the eyes of humans.  In my eyes, every day is a beautiful day as long as I get my walks and time with my humans.  I think Louie would want me to expound on this subject, don’t you?!  Don’t let the weather dictate your mental state!  Yup, that is what Louie would say.   So, you may ask, well what would you say Harmony?  I would say, I would agree with Louie because he was more of a thinker than myself.  I just want everyone to live in Harmony.  It is no accident that my breeder named me Harmony.

I suppose you thought Nancy and Greg came up with my name of Harmony.  Nope!  Jill’s standard poodle’s name is Musique Standard Poodles so her dogs all have musical names.   I think that is pretty cool and interesting.   Obviously, at this house we can endorse  musiquestandardpoodles.com because HELLO, that is where I came from.    Hey, but any dog is awesome, no matter if they are pure breeds or mutts.

Enjoy the nice weather!   Stay tuned and SING in Harmony with each other now! The photo I have attached shows  how long my hair is today; but,  it is a photo from a a few years ago.

3 thoughts on “February 27, 2020: Awaiting my Grooming!

  1. And today is the start of meteorological spring! While I’m always shot down by the skeptics, they can’t argue that we do have more hours of daylight, and for me, light and energy/motivation are intensely connected. I love your hair Harmony and I’m certain Nancy does an excellent job of grooming you! Me, I take Ike to the groomers because I have a long history of never being able to do anything straight…which is evident from how I’ve trimmed around his paws and eyes 🙂 Thankfully the groomer will correct all my mishaps for him on March 17th, and hopefully we’ll have the worst of the cold days behind us by then. Enjoy this beautiful first week of March and happy grooming!

    1. Thanks Chuck! Harmony did a happy dance when she read your comment! We always enjoy seeing your shared photos of your dear grandson. Congratulations on that precious baby grandson Chuck! Harmony & Nancy

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