February 17, 2021

February 17, 2021

Sometimes a dog needs to  vent and as you know, this is a rare occurrence for me.  Unlike humans, we can ignore all the idiosyncrasies that seem to dwell within  humans.  Now, I know no one wants to read about any of the unusual food I have to smell in this house lately, but may I ramble about it anyway? My human friends are working to shed the pandemic weight gain.   I can only handle the smell of poached eggs and greek yogurt for so many days around here.   Oh, did I mention I also have to tolerate broccoli scents floating in the air.  Yikes, and how about those veggie burgers that smell like cardboard to us dogs?   I wonder if they heat those up just so us dogs don’t ever try to steal them?  For the record, I have never taken any food off the table, even the good stuff!   It is a good thing that the weather forecast is predicting warmer weather so I can get outside to escape to some fresh air!

There is a benefit if my friends in this home lose some weight!  I will be going on more dog walks and runs because they will have their energy back.  When humans gain some weight, they aren’t as motivated to exercise because they can become complacent about their condition.    Complacency is a subject that I would need to write a book on, not just a blog.   Let me just say that even us dogs have to strive to be our best and seek out new ways to better our humans!   Of course, at the same time, we grow too….yeh, yeh; but, we definitely nudge our humans to stay  in shape physically and mentally.

Tomorrow, we will start our longer walks since the frigid cold weather has passed for now.   When Nancy arrived home today, she  announced that the trail near our house has been plowed and is mostly clear for walking. You know what that means?  If I am lucky, she will research 5K’s that allow dogs to run too. OK, maybe just walk in her case.   Spring is in the air!   Stay tuned for our/her progress!   Spring is in the air! (Oh, I already said that!)

One thought on “February 17, 2021

  1. Reading your blog Harmony makes me wonder if Ike would like to vent about us! I’m sure he would complain about the fact that we like to make foods that smell so good while he has the same old thing in his bowl for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Perhaps we should take your owner’s strategy and make food that doesn’t smell so good (hahaha!). At our house, we are all glad to have the cold snap behind us. Who would have thought 10 degrees would feel so good! And we’re looking forward to the potential of 40s over the next couple of days. We may even try to take down some Christmas decorations in addition to some nice long dog walks! As the days get longer, the birds sing earlier each morning, and the melting snow gives way to the promise of the emergence of spring, it makes one giddy to think we may have the longest/coldest and darkest days of winter behind us for this year (fingers crossed!). Enjoy the lovely weather!

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