Muttluks and Cold Weather! February 11, 2021

Muttluks and Cold Weather! February 11, 2021

I am quite tolerant of most anything EXCEPT this harsh weather!   At least  I can go for short walks if I wear my muttluks.  Oh wait, my muttluks are actually hand-me-downs from my deceased siblings.  Yes, I heard all kinds of reminiscing when I tried on their muttluks for the first time.    I just wish for once we could do an  activity around here that does not require a history lesson of all the past standard poodles. But, at least my coat is quite long right now because Nancy anticipated colder  weather.  When I was bathed a few weeks ago, she only shaved my paws and face.   Sure, we can protect my paws with my muttluks, but I don’t have a face mask yet??  Snap out this complaining I say to myself, and be confident that this bitter cold will end soon.

It does make me wonder what all of my readers do when there is a prolonged period of bitter cold weather?  Maybe some dream about acquiring a dog companion?  Or, they see that their “only  dog” needs another canine  like their own to talk to when humans are beyond boring?   Whoops…that was my own selfish desire impacting my blog.   I am an only dog, and my family has  convinced me not to do such dreaming.     For this reason, I love my visits from our neighbor’s dog KoKo and any opportunities to visit other dogs.    Maybe I can go visit one of my favorite people soon – Jill, my breeder, and all of her poodles (maybe even Clarinet and Stella too).    See, I can still dream!

OK, I was going to write a bit more about my other adventures during this cold season, but I will save it for next week.  Until then, you can dream about what I will write!    HA!   Stay warm and thanks for reading my blog.

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