Riley’s Getting a Puppy!

Riley’s Getting a Puppy!

I am beyond ecstatic to learn that  my little human friend, Riley,  is getting her very own puppy!  Before the coronavirus pandemic,  Riley  visited us quite often. Not only was Riley gentle but also tons of fun!  Now, don’t you think a dog’s approval for future dog owners is quite a huge endorsement?!    Riley and her sister Mae were the absolute perfect guests!  After all, when new people visit our home, it has been us dog’s approval that gave the green light for  the new visitors, not our humans.    No, they will never admit that, but we do safeguard them from any strange people.  Seriously, can anyone trust someone who doesn’t like dogs?   So, we know that Riley will be a great dog owner and that puppy is going to have a loving home.

I don’t think I have to educate my blog readers about the advantage of letting a kid get a puppy, do I?  OK, for starters, we are all about “love”  not to mention fun!   We are there for a kid 100%! They can tell us things in confidence because most people would not understand us if we tried to share their secrets anyway.   Then of course, there is all the cuddling we can provide to any human. But, kids seem to know not to squeeze us too tight because they themselves don’t like it when adults squeeze them.  Kids and puppies love cuddles, but we also like our space.  

Below are some photos that Riley’s Mom gave me permission to share on my blog.  I think the photos will say far more words than I can about the love already between Riley and dogs.   I hope Riley and Jingle come and visit me soon or invite me to their home.  

Riley & Jingle

P.S. To be continued….how a puppy/dog teaches kids responsibility!

2 thoughts on “Riley’s Getting a Puppy!

  1. Oh my goodness, what exciting news! And the happiness captured in those pictures is just priceless! That puppy is so lucky to have been adopted into such a loving family. And oh, the puppy stories they will have to share with you Harmony – you might not remember your puppy years, but the level of energy and excitement that puppy adds to the house and the stories that come along with it are always good for a chuckle! Best wishes to Riley, Mae and their family as they begin making memories together with Jingle!

  2. What darling pictures! How very adorable and sweet looking, and the puppy is very cute as well. They are extremely lucky to find a puppy during this time as most shelters and breeders are overwhelmed with requests for puppies! What a wonderful time they all will have and what a lucky puppy. Lucky little darling girls, too!

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