Potential! January 27, 2021

Potential! January 27, 2021

The latest news from my home is quite a news flash, especially if you know Nancy!  You see, she finally took her saxophone in for the much overdue repairs. Now, yes, you guessed it, there is far more music around here and less words.    We have often spoken of the language of music on these blogs and quite frankly, I too prefer music over translating English words!  I know, Nancy attempts to put her thoughts into actual words on paper at times.   Those writings are rarely shared and when I ask her why not, she replies “because only a very select few appreciate my words” and then, I leave it alone.    Words to me are at times “blah, blah, blah” but music, well that I can always relate to.

There are even rumors that she is going to take me with her when she goes to practice  away from home.   Her preference for playing her saxophone is a quiet and bigger space with no interruptions.  Yes, I know I love hearing her practice guitar; but seriously, she is not very good and has limited  ability to express herself on guitar.   I suppose as her technique improves on guitar, I can hope for more musical lines?!

Do I dare even mention when she does ramble on about playing saxophone at 5% of her potential?  How can one  even calculate one’s ability and why dwell on such negative numbers?  OK, so I could have done more with my potential too; but, there is a point here.   One’s potential is all in one’s own perception  and should never be calculated or judged.   Perhaps, if one thinks they have ever reached their own potential is when they really never knew their full potential!

Enough about one’s potential!   I don’t want to go to another dog class, so I will stop now.

Have a great weekend!

One thought on “Potential! January 27, 2021

  1. Okay, Harmony, no judgment on Nancy’s guitar playing! I think it’s great that Nancy’s trying something new, so let’s encourage her creative growth and exploration 🙂 One thing I was discussing with a student recently was what we think our own potential is vs. what someone sees as our potential (usually others see more in us than we do). I guess a good question might be why is it important to reach one’s full potential (whatever that might be)? Is that even possible? And by whose standards? It’s good to have goals, which I think are entirely different, but potential is such an abstract, elusive concept. I think choices about “potential” vs. what brings pleasure and happiness are best made by those making the sacrifices it might take to reach that “potential”. It’s one the many beauties of free will and choosing how we want to live our life. Enough philosophizing – hoping you are enjoying the beautiful music echoing throughout your house!

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