An Only Dog! January 20, 2021

An Only Dog! January 20, 2021

There definitely is an advantage to being the only dog in this home!  For starters, I go everywhere with Nancy now.   Of course, she rarely leaves the house since that horrible coronavirus hit the USA.  But, when she does leave, I am her companion most of the time.    There are times that I have to just bat my brown eyes at people if I go into a store or building that has debatable rules about dogs.  Usually, no one says anything which usually means, they are just tolerating me.   However, once in awhile, I get all kinds of attention and quite frankly, I don’t really crave that, I am just stating the facts.

I do miss Louie and Serenade often, because let’s face it, they spoke my  dog language!    One day, Nancy rambled on about  how  convenient it was   to not be fluent in French while she lived in Paris.    For then, she was able to escape into herself when needed because she could not properly express herself in French.  WHAT are you talking about, I thought.   I guess she has noticed that I do the same thing at times.  I retreat into my little “cave” and I don’t have to consider if Nancy or Greg can interpret my dog language.

My recent longer trip was to visit Nancy’s Mom and her brothers.    During our visit, I was granted permission to sit  and listen to them play a game called “Sequence” and some other card game.  I suppose I should not question any of your human games since I too like my games of ball catch, not to mention the mind games I have mastered to play.   Hey, someone has to keep your human minds sharp!   Us dogs are more intelligent than you may think!

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