January 12, 2021 All Clean!

January 12, 2021 All Clean!

Today, I would like to blog about finally being bathed.   You may ask what kind of dog would write about being bathed, and my simple answer is, ME!  Even though you can’t see my dirty fur, doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the dirt.   When you humans are unclean on the outside, all you have to do is grab some clean clothes and cover up your mess.    Now, if you know me, I don’t have many clothes, if any.  I only have my dog coats for severely cold temperatures or precipitation.  So, when I do get bathed, I make sure Nancy sees the  appreciation in my eyes.

Now that I am all clean, I suppose the scissoring of my body will occur  all week long.   I can attest to the fact that it is much better to shave me after the bath, instead of vice versa.   But then, I better not be fussy, right?!    I heard Nancy say that she should bath me at least every six weeks.    How could you ever know how excited us dogs could be to get a bath!?   Did I say I also get my toenails ground as well?!   Gee, if I keep talking about my bath and grooming, you may never read this blog again? So…….let me think about what else I have this week?

Sorry, I just don’t have anything else.  I am too happy enjoying this clean body that I live in right now!  Unlike Louie, I am unable to force myself to write when I am not in the mood.     I hope you are happy in your own body this week too!   Bye now.

One thought on “January 12, 2021 All Clean!

  1. To me, this was a perfect reminder that sometimes it’s the little things that we should be most grateful for. And aren’t these the very things we take for granted? For instance, the clean feeling that comes after a bath! How many humans even think about that? I’m certain that I’m not the only one who rarely even gives it a second thought as I’m racing on to the next thing in my day. Wishing you a clean start to the new year Harmony!

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