Happy New Year, Again! 2021

Happy New Year, Again! 2021

Let me try this again, after I was informed that I was not being “lighthearted”  on my last blog!  Oh brother, why oh why did Louie pass on this blog to me anyway?   Rumor has it that it makes a few dear people smile when they read it, so that certainly is good enough for me.   Speaking of smiling,  you should see Nancy’s face light up when she talks about skating.  I think she is going to take me with her soon to find either new or used ice skates.

I am going to take you down her memory lane of her time on the ice.  Why you ask?  Well, it was her time of lighthearted and happy times!   As a child from a large family  and growing up between six brothers and two older sisters, her Mom knew just how to get her out of her worries and isolation.    Her Mom would drop her  off at “Lake George” to skate for sometimes, hours.   This was definitely one of her happy places just like the milk house practice room for saxophone.   The ice rink even had music playing from speakers. Even though Nancy never had skating lessons, she danced on that ice as if she was competent enough to choreograph some imaginary productions.  She told me, “Just think, on that ice, you can be anyone you dream to be!” which even I thought was a bit sappy!

Here is the cool part!  If she starts going to ice rinks again; I am able to accompany her and think of all the fun we will have.    I also will get to tag along when she goes to look for new or used ice skates.     Perhaps I should find my muttluks for my paws since no one makes skates for dogs, yet?!   If I think about all the possibilities right now, my mind will be skating in circles and jumps!    I wonder how many of my readers like to ice skate?   I know Nancy’s cool great-nephew (Jackson) is a great hockey player, so I hope I can go watch him this winter.  Oh, and our new neighbor’s daughter plays hockey too.    It doesn’t matter if it is hockey or figure skating, I just am so excited to experience ice anywhere, rinks or ponds.   Please invite me to your ice, OK!

Happy New Year!  Photos, courtesy of Nancy’s extended family.  Look at those smiles on ice!


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  1. Happy New Year! I’ve decided my “word of the year” is hope. It keeps turning up in various places such as on a Christmas ornament, on a stone I found when I was organizing the office, so I think it’s a hint 🙂 The ice skating blog made me smile as I remembered the first time I remember being on skates. I was with my aunt, uncle and cousins and they took us all to a city rink near their home and I skated on double-bladed skates since it was my first time ever skating (I think I was about 5 or 6). It was such a thrill – I loved moving fast and I was spinning and twirling and racing my cousins and having a blast! And I’m sure everyone was happy that I was exhausted by the end of that outing! As an adult, I’m not much of an ice skater – I guess all the winter walking with Ike and the occasional trip out cross-country skiing makes it something I don’t regularly seek out, but perhaps a pandemic would be the perfect time to seek another fun outdoor activity. While I don’t think I’d be spinning or twirling (intentionally) or racing down the ice, I’m sure there would still be that thrill from childhood! Enjoy these beautiful winter days!

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