Good-bye 2020

Good-bye 2020

I think we all need closure to this past year!     Saying good-bye to both Louie and Serenade was so hard for all of us at this home.    Being an only dog at this home is lonely at times; but, I could not feel more loved than I am here.    My breeder knew me and my family so well.   Jill knew that my wit, energy and of course,  my love would be  cherished even more  beyond words  after Louie & Serenade were gone from this earth.   Isn’t it strange how we can all look back and understand more of the present?   But, you know Louie would have said, “Live in the moment and keep it Lighthearted!”

How about this for starters; I seem to be able to go everywhere with Nancy these days.    Today, she had to do an errand for Greg, so  she took me  into the store.   (No, they would never leave me in the car/truck unattended and if that surprises you, then you don’t know them.)  We didn’t stop and ask if it was OK because I reminded her that I would behave and charm anyone that stared us down. If anyone gave us “the look” I was instructed to sit and seriously, then  what could anyone say?

But, my favorite was my adventure to Rockler recently.    It seems to be a store that only guys visit, so I distracted them by my entrance as it certainly was not Nancy – she looked a fright that day actually.    I was introduced to some nice people after they talked about their standard poodle.  Now, if you recall, when there were three of us dogs in the house, none of us got to go alone very often with Nancy because there was not favoritism shown.

Perhaps, you are still waiting to read about closure for us for the end of 2020.   We miss Louie and Serenade so much that at times it hurts.   We are often still and at peace because all of us know that this earth is temporary and our HOPE is not in anything on this earth…..ah yup, I am not as Lighthearted as Louie.   I have been cooped up with my dear family for a long time now and I love every minute of it.    I hope that as you go into 2021 you can take one day at a time and know where your destiny will take you.  We all know that we will see Louie and Serenade again and all of those wonderful dogs and humans that have left this earth before us.   You humans may have regrets, but us dogs help you to forget those and live each day as if it is your last.   As Louie said, “with no regrets!”

P.S.   Below is a photo of the Louie Blog book Nancy took hours to put together in November and December.   I think I will be reading some of his earlier blogs because they were written before I came to live here.    Happy New Year!

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  1. Ah yes – the end of 2020 is upon us. I believe we will really appreciate all the things we had to give up in 2020 and all the things we hopefully will get back in 2021. Hugging people when we feel like it; sitting down to actually have coffee at a table with our friends; just SEEING our friends and being able to talk and laugh close enough to make it important; going to a show with our dogs and having support from people there watching and caring; and being able to sing at church and go to concerts and parties. What freedoms we lost and hopefully will get back – let’s hope and pray 2021 will make that happen. My wish is for that to happen for all of us, so go joyfully towards 2021. Maybe believing will make it so!

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