Snowstorms and Merry Christmas, 2020

Snowstorms and Merry Christmas, 2020

Today, is definitely a day to daydream!    It all started out with rain, but now, it is turning to snow.  Just when I was thinking about what I want for Christmas, I was asked what I want for my birthday?    If you may recall however, I don’t have to wait for those human Holidays or birthdays to get gifts around here.  But, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about a better ball or a new bone; nope, I even was thinking about requesting a new collar/leash combination.  I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a few new razors for my grooming too.  That way, I would also make Nancy happy  and that is all a win win solution, don’t you think?!

According to the weather forecast, we might get snowed in for a few days.   I would love to hear my reader’s stories about snowstorm adventures.   Usually at Christmastime, Nancy has a snow maze already forming in the backyard.  But, the backyard was all brown as of 8:30 AM this morning, so I am afraid I won’t get my usual snow maze.  Oh well, it won’t be as much fun without Louie to chase this year ***sigh!

We just returned from a walk in what seemed to be a full blown blizzard.  At first we were both enjoying the reality that we would indeed have a White Christmas.  But, soon the wind and wet snow beating at our faces left us walking more briskly toward home.   Definitely, it was an invigorating walk.   I wanted Nancy to take a photo but it was blowing so hard the camera lens would have never been able to capture the adventure.   Maybe she will get a photo of me tonight when she shovels.   Actually, here is a photo of me testing out the new snow maze.

Merry Christmas Everyone!   I hope you are snuggled up with your dearest family members and friends.


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  1. No snowstorm adventures here! Just marveled at the horizontal snow as it continued to accumulate. Planned ahead and finished all of our errands before the storm arrived. Everyone here was happy to have a white Christmas! Ike is enjoying the snow but not the sweater and boots he has to wear when it’s cold out. Mostly he enjoys curling up on a warm lap 😁. Get ready for our next round of snow, potentially coming in late Tuesday. I suspect we’re heading into a more winter-like weather pattern. Hope you can get out and enjoy the winter weather!

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