Looking Forward to an Adventure! December 13, 2020

Looking Forward to an Adventure! December 13, 2020

Some of you have commented that I don’t write like Louie  and I never planned to write like Louie.    Just like you humans, us dogs are  all unique  (DUH!)    Gosh, I don’t even sleep on Greg and Nancy’s bed like Louie and Serenade once did.   If fact, I am quite different than the other standard poodles that lived here; but, I certainly don’t feel any less loved.  I think my little “games” I play to keep Nancy on her toes actually keeps her mind alert.    So, would you  like an example of my so called “games” with humans?

Well, even if you don’t want an example, here is one anyway.  OK, I will explain my ball game of psychology.    Most dogs would just go out and catch a ball immediately; but, I keep Nancy guessing and don’t always go catch the first ball thrown.  Nope, I am not so predictable!  Just like not wanting to sleep on a human bed.   Seriously, why can’t I be independent and have my space?   Maybe I am more secure than the other dogs that lived here and I don’t need to be cuddled  ALL the time.   Or, is it that they are getting old enough to be wiser and relinquish some of their codependency with me?    Is your head spinning yet?   Because I know Louie always meant to keep this blog “lighthearted” and so I should stop now.  HA!

I understand that this week, I may go on a pretty cool adventure with Nancy.  She is going to volunteer at a store that allows dogs.  Yup, she is playing saxophone for the Salvation Army and it is in a vestibule so I get to go along..   Can you imagine all the kids and people  that I will get to see? She played yesterday for  over 4 hours and had no idea they allowed dogs in the store.    I guess I better be  in my good behavior this week so she doesn’t change her mind to take me, huh?!

I am including a photo of their “gig” yesterday playing for the Salvation Army.  A few hours included one of her saxophone student’s assistance.


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