December 3, 2020: Tone Travels

December 3, 2020: Tone Travels

Today, I am needing some assistance with writing my blog.    You see, while I promised Louie that I would carry on his blog, I need some help from time to time.  It is not as if I don’t have material to write about; but rather, I can’t seem to find words to express my thoughts lately.   So, I asked Nancy what she does when she does not have words to describe events or her feelings and here is what she shared with me.   “Harmony, I think you already know the answer to your question.  I go and play my saxophone (or any musical instrument) to sort out my thoughts, etc.”   Of course I thought, and how is that suppose to help this dog write a blog?   Oh, I get it, just listen and the words will come?

I rather enjoy all the music I am hearing around here lately.   My dog bed is moved to Nancy’s office each morning because I listen to all of her on-line music lessons and I endure her hours of guitar practice as well. Now, you understand why I don’t write about so much lately….yup, same old stuff each day.  Actually, the alternative to listening to music is to watch woodturning  videos with Greg.  Hmmmmm…….I choose music!

Since I am on the subject of music, I requested that Nancy share some music with my readers.   There are many copyright laws that I did not want to research right now, so I am sharing one of Nancy’s compositions written during the Covid-19 quarantine.   Now, you will have a sample of what I hear at my house.   At this house, there is a saying: Poodles Happen! Music Happens!


3 thoughts on “December 3, 2020: Tone Travels

  1. Thanks to Nancy for the beautiful song! I’ve heard it said that music is a universal language that can share meaning with all, and this blog is a perfect example of that. While will have their own individual “meanings” that will come from listening to this piece, there is also a universal shared meaning that we all hear. What a perfect way to communicate today’s blog and I’m with you – I definitely prefer music to watching wood-turning! Have a music-filled week!

  2. When I first started playing the sax I was told that it was one of the easiest instruments to make a sound but one of the most difficult to get a good tone out of. I can see this is not your first trip down the playing-the-sax route – very beautiful and soulful music – really matches that nice picture perfectly. I AM envious of the tone but then I have not played for years. I don’t know that I have the breath for it anymore. Very very nice “gift” to us for the day!

    1. Hi Mary! Well, that is exactly what Nancy tells everyone too! In fact, she is kind of a saxophone “snob” because she said most people have no idea of the versatility of the saxophone. Now, I would suggest that you get that saxophone out and call Nancy for an on-line lesson soon to help you refresh your saxophone skills.

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