November 24, 2020: Thanksgiving Week

November 24, 2020: Thanksgiving Week

If I may, let me continue my blog from last week, titled,  I got myself into some trouble today!   I did something a dog should never do.   Louie even warned me to not  analyze this life!  There I was analyzing  why I would stay outside and ignore any request to come inside?   I was not trying to be defiant; but rather, I just wanted a little more quality time with Nancy.    Have you ever tried to get her to sit still? OK, so you get it then?!   Today however,  when she was watching a short program, I managed to cuddle on her lap while she told me (once again) how special I am.   I think you humans can learn a lot from us dogs during this horrible pandemic.  JUST sit with your people and pets and cuddle; we don’t expect any gushing words of love and appreciation, we just want to be with you!  In fact, we actually prefer silence if you have not noticed yet?!

As I watch Nancy prepare for Thanksgiving week, her revelations about being thankful have even captivated this canine!     Maybe it is the pandemic or maybe it is her older age, but this concept of being thankful during such strange times got me thinking.   Truly, it comes down to the simple truth, that once again simplicity should never be underestimated.  By that, I mean that like us dogs, humans are often most thankful for things that don’t cost anything.  The gifts from the heart are what can help spread hope and love.

Yesterday, Nancy went on a rare adventure without me to play saxophone during her Salvation Army bell ringer hours.  She contemplated bringing me along until I flat out refused to wear those decorative glasses, similar to what she is wearing in the photo below.  She  had proclaimed  it a necessity for the occasion to which I said, no way!   I mean a dog has pride too, you know!   But, after I heard about all the fun she had playing for the shoppers coming and going from the store, I may reconsider going with her in December when she plays a few more days?!  What do you think?

Happy Thanksgiving!  Thank you for reading my blog.


3 thoughts on “November 24, 2020: Thanksgiving Week

  1. Hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving! What a beautiful gift to share with shoppers, especially during the holiday season. I think the pandemic is making many of us nostalgic, so holiday songs may hit some deep emotions for many people as they hear the tunes. Every time I hear The Little Drummer Boy, I get teary because it reminds me of my grandmother…it was her favorite Christmas song. But I digress – I do hope you’ll don the reindeer antlers and join Nancy on her next playing adventure, Harmony. I’m sure you’d garner at least as much attention as Nancy!

    1. Hi Chuck! Thanks for reading the blogs! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Elsa! We sure do miss you and your incredible bassoon artistry!

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