November 12, 2020: Yesterday, I got myself into trouble!

November 12, 2020: Yesterday, I got myself into trouble!

Yesterday, I kind of got myself into some trouble.  You see, Nancy was gone and I was not so respectful to Greg.   Now, if you know me, you know I first trained my new family to come back outside when I wanted to play more.   Yup, they fell for that training hook, line and sinker.  After playing outside for a long time, I would stay behind when Louie and Serenade politely strolled inside.  Then, Nancy would come  back outside and continue to play with me. Duh, she did not realize at the time that I was training her rather than vice versa.  In my early days  here, I was almost returned to my awesome breeder because of my mischievous behavior.  But, needless to say, my charm had already won them over and I was destined to remain here.

The breeder knew that I had manipulated them, but she  also knew that Nancy and Greg had to come to this  realization on their own.   It was not until after Dog Obedience 1 that a light went on in Nancy’s head that she had to “untrain” that learned behavior of staying outside.   I love it when someone has an “aha moment” that totally seems to  to make their blurred vision, crystal clear.     Gee, I was not   being a little stinker on purpose  by staying outside beyond my command?!   I was simply being a dog.  Yup, I am a dog.

So, why do I pull this stay outside stunt once in awhile???  Seriously, you have to ask?   I like to keep people on their toes!  Predictability is overrated you know.


2 thoughts on “November 12, 2020: Yesterday, I got myself into trouble!

  1. Uh oh….I’ve been a parent long enough to know that when I hear “I kind of got in trouble…” it definitely gets my attention! Interesting how training works – as humans, we assume we’re training the animals when you have to ask yourself: who’s training who? Ike has obviously trained everyone in our house so that he won’t walk past a certain point without getting a treat (it’s a diet treat, but a treat nonetheless). We thought we were training him to walk when all along he was training us to give him more goodies. Geesh! I’m wondering if maybe the blog needs to be renamed Mischievous Harmony – I’m imagining a whole story line related to that theme 🙂

    1. Hello Dana, Actually, I am rarely “Mischievous Harmony” except when I want to stay outside longer. Probably just like Ike, when we have owners/family that love us so much, we already get MOSTLY what we want and need, so no need to manipulate people. HA! I hope you enjoy the warmer weather approaching Minnesota this next week. Thanks for reading the blogs and your insightful comments!

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