KoKo: My New Neighbor/Friend

KoKo: My New Neighbor/Friend

It was quite an ordinary day around here, until after we walked to get the mail. On our way to the mailbox, the new neighbors stopped to say that they were hoping I would be around to run with KoKo (their dog in the photos). I heard Nancy say we would be home as soon as we fetched the mail. WHAT, I thought! We need to hurry because KoKo will be waiting for me! So, once over our little hill, I was released from my leash and off I went to greet KoKo.

Our time running across the green lawns was almost pure freedom. I would have preferred to run without any spectators however. The fresh air and the cooler temperatures was so invigorating, not to mention no dog leash attached. KoKo is certainly a splendid neighbor! She pauses occasionally to assess the situation and then, continues on her pursuit of pleasure. I think our relationship will be very much that of give-and-take! But, like Louie and most sensible dogs, we aren’t about to analyze our lives much because we know you humans are far too consumed with that activity already.

I suppose if I would quit chasing squirrels around here I would get to run off the leash far more often. Last week, Nancy got out the backpack blower to find the orange ball I lost in a pile of leaves. You know, I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to chasing and sometimes catching squirrels. Squirrels have discovered that I can’t climb trees – end of story. Yup, the balls are left near the bottom of the tree trunks. Anyhow, I would rather run with KoKo than run after those orange balls. Stay tuned in for future blogs about our awesome new neighbors.

P.S. OK, I think WordPress changed (again) and I can’t seem to wrap my text around my photos, so they are all attached below. Thanks with your patience as I learn the new WordPress.

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