Snoopy for USA President?!

Snoopy for USA President?!

I recently had a great revelation that the famous dog, Snoopy, most certainly should run for the USA President. Then, I realized that even Snoopy is retired and most certainly should enjoy his relaxation. But, it still did not detour me from pushing forward to get Snoopy out of retirement? After all, aren’t those men running for President right now, well beyond retirement age? I mean, just think of what Louie (my precious deceased standard poodle brother) accomplished in his last years! He was able to unite EVERYONE for the common goal to stay lighthearted while uniting people.

Just about the time I was ready to show you a funny Snoopy cartoon, Nancy pulled it off my blog. Yup, it was not considered “public domain” so you are now stuck with me simply painting an image in your creative mind of the comic strip. In the comic, Lucy is asking Snoopy why she should vote for him – just one reason? Finally, Snoopy gives her his adorable smirk and says “Well, for one thing, I am kind of groovy!” We never see Lucy’s reaction; but, we can imagine her rolling her eyes, right?

It is times like this that I am really glad that I am a dog! Do I really need to explain this to some of my readers? HA! My job (once again) is to continue Louie’s legacy to keep humans lighthearted. I don’t have to go vote or make such important decisions. That alone, is a good enough reason if I even need a reason?! The glimpses of discord in America right now breaks my heart. My surrounding humans need more hugs and love this week. Now, go hug your pets and humans. 😉 (meaning, those that live with you, stay safe with covid-19)

My humans VOTED

2 thoughts on “Snoopy for USA President?!

  1. Beautifully stated Harmony! Dogs are such a positive influence on their humans! I, thankfully, hand-delivered the kids’ ballots and mine to City Hall last Monday. Something in my gut just kept telling me to not rely on the mail and I’m so glad I didn’t. I’m worried about the aftermath of this election, but I’m hopeful that somehow, we can start to focus on what unites us rather than what divides us. I think having Snoopy as president would be an ideal way to do that, with the platform of “Hugs for All”! Maybe in 2024 🙂

  2. I am not going to say anything about Snoopy possibly being the best choice in 2020. I have already voted and I hate to say it, but we DO all need a few hugs right now but unfortunately hugging is considered taboo at the moment. No hugging, shaking hands, etc. Glad we have you dogs who don’t know about all this nonsense and still are so huggable and loveable. You DO keep us sane and we appreciate you for it! We have our own home-grown therapy dogs – hurray for us, I say!

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