October 23, 2020 Building Calluses….

October 23, 2020 Building Calluses….

As you may be aware by now, I am not in the habit quite yet to write blogs. I am extremely grateful that Nancy doesn’t try to guilt trip me into writing. I think she even gave up on guilt tripping her saxophone students into practicing consistently? She was mumbling on about that very subject the other day saying that “If a person wants to play an instrument, they have to figure out that it takes a lot of discipline and passion” and something about how she never pushed Louie to write the blog (yeah, right!). Us dogs talk you know!

But, if I may expound on this subject of guilt and the ramblings of practicing just a bit more? It seems as though these new guitar sounds have quite a bit to do with all this talk of practicing in the first place. Not only do I remind Nancy to move my favorite dog bed into her office, I nudge her to practice each day now. For the past two weeks, Nancy has been increasing her guitar practice sessions as her guitar calluses form. Now, we (remember, I am the one that reminds her so I get some credit) practice twice a day around 30 minutes each, but who is keeping track? It is quite obvious that her fingers are finally building calluses because the chords and scales are sounding better.

Allow me to share a photo from earlier this week to end my blog today. This photo was taken the day before we received 8 inches of snow. The winds were fiercely cold, but the marigolds were still pretty. Nancy had a fleece over her face because of the cold winds and I was thinking about finding my own fleece protections for winter too. Stay warm everyone!

2 thoughts on “October 23, 2020 Building Calluses….

  1. What a gorgeous picture of the fall flowers (and of course you & Nancy look great too!)! Motivation is such an interesting thing when it comes to anything in life, but I agree, guilt rarely works long-term regardless of whether the guilt is intrinsic or extrinsic. I recall a variety of people trying to guilt me into practicing my clarinet when I was a kid, and I just hated it, complaining that it was boring (which it was). It wasn’t until I was able to practice with friends (my motivator!) that I was willing to practice. During school study halls, I would gather my friends and we’d go into practice rooms and not only socialize, but practice! Much to the delight of my band teacher 🙂 How fun to hear guitar sounds in the house! What a fun, productive, and positive indoor activity to take one’s mind off of our current weather situation. Whatever Nancy’s motivation might be for playing guitar, I hope it “fills her cup” in many ways! Stay warm!

    1. Thanks for reading my blog, Dana! I heard that your son is an incredible saxophonist; perhaps, he could teach you saxophone? Truly, it is so true that “Motivation is such an interesting thing…..” and I am glad that you had such fun friends in band when you were younger. I hope you are staying warm with this colder weather and keeping your great positive attitude! You Rock Dana!

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