Listening to Guitar

Listening to Guitar

It was the sounds of the guitar that triggered today’s blog. Of course I was familiar with saxophone and bassoon, but what’s up with a guitar? For starters, I did not see Nancy blowing into an instrument. Instead, she was tuning each string until I wanted to shout out, it is in tune now! I was hearing her strum each note until she heard the best tone. No surprise there because I listened to years of long tone practice on wind instruments. May I add that I knew quite a bit about the guitar from all the endless videos she watched and tutorials on proper hand position, etc. Yup, of all people, she knew as a saxophone teacher, the dangers of trying to teach herself guitar.

By the way, she had attempted to start guitar about 6 weeks ago when she found this used Taylor GSMini. Trust me, I heard all the twangs and noise that even I knew were not quite right. It just did not feel or sound right. Someone strongly suggested she take it to a trusted guitar repair for proper “set-up” by a pro. So, finally after our sad good-bye to Louie, she made the trip to LaVonne Music to get the guitar properly “set-up” by a pro.

Have a great weekend! Harmony

As Louie stated in one of his last blogs, the new guitar adventure will help all of us in some way, cope with Louie’s loss. Seriously Louie, you are fortunate to not be forced to listen to the first weeks of excruciating tuning and unfocused tone. But, you knew that it would keep us all at home and togetherness is priceless.

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  1. Ah yes – the guitar! At our house we have been fortunate to have some sort of old “learning guitar” of un-famous name – we have a Zagar “Easy Play “(right!) and had a nice Martin. I always threatened to take lessons just up the street from me but I (and my family) got a reprieve with the COVID thing. Alas – I still have not had lesson one and all around I think are secretly happy, but I would love to get past at least “Walk the Line” on it. I too am used to wind instruments (the sax and clarinet) and the piano and would still love to learn the guitar as it seems the most socially acceptable. Keep it up Nancy – the dogs will have to learn to await your expertise. Mine will never have that experience as I think it’s a lost cause at my advanced age. Still . . .

    1. Hello Mary! Nancy told me to let you know that she is replying to you in an e-mail. But, she did say, “We are never too old to keep nurturing our minds!” In other words, “you can teach old dogs, new tricks!”

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