October 4, 2020

October 4, 2020

To say that we are missing Louie around here is a huge understatement. But, I feel that we are engaging in various coping mechanisms to persevere and embrace a life even without precious Louie. Daily, we share stories of Louie’s impact on our lives around here. To say he was a built in therapy dog for this family is also an understatement. The good news however is that Louie trained me well for all scenarios at this home.

I understand now why Louie did not seem to mind writing his blogs! It is just about the time when I am feeling like I can not play fetch the ball anymore, when I realize I could write a blog. Then, there are the days when the windows are open and I can sit here listening to the trees sway and the birds sing. Times like these, I miss Louie even more because he would then bounce off ideas for his blog with all of us.

So, unlike you humans, I will not compare myself to Louie or any humans. Because if I did, it would defeat the purpose of continuing Louie’s Lighthearted blogs. Nancy has assured me that even though I promised Louie that I would continue his blog, there is no pressure. I know that writing, like so many artistic endeavors, can not be forced. Our hearts are still broken without Louie’s smiles and his constant encouragement to remain positive.

The photos are before and after my grooming on Saturday. My ears are not quite finished, but oh, I am so very clean. Until whenever………

One thought on “October 4, 2020

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of your continued sadness as you grieve your dear Louie. You know you’ve lost someone really special when that loss is hard to shake…time will eventually transform that sadness and the clouds of grief will start to part so you can see the beauty in the memories you shared. It’s like cutting a new road through a mountain – it’s so darn hard at times, but if you keep chipping away, it gets better a little bit at a time. I know it can be hard to stay positive, but looking out the window and enjoying the beautiful show nature is putting on for us right now is a tremendous balm for the soul. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and the stunning backdrop of color sets off your beautiful doggy self! Sending hugs and healing energy to you & your family Harmony!

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