To Carry On Louie’s Blog, As Promised

To Carry On Louie’s Blog, As Promised

Hello! This is Harmony, Louie’s little sister. Before Louie left this earth, I promised him that I would continue his blog. I would watch him write his blog every week; but, I never dreamed I would be “that dog” that writes a blog. Over the years, I came to respect Louie for his determination to attempt to shed some lighthearted words with his readers. I was always so impressed that while he rarely heard from his readers, those few that would comment on his blog, kept him writing. He had tremendous compassion for you humans.

First of all, let me make myself perfectly clear that I could never replace Louie in any way. Louie really was quite an incredible dog. As you already know, to Nancy & Greg, he was not just a dog! So you ask, do dogs want to be any more than a dog? That all depends on how you define what a “dog” is to you? Surely, you will see by the end of this second paragraph that I don’t usually write blogs. However, now I am a dog with a new mission!

I hope that I too can provide my (Louie’s) readers with some insights into living a harmonious life. Isn’t it cool that my breeder (Musique Standard Poodles) named me Harmony!? I like the quote: “Musical notes that are harmonious produce a pleasant sound when played together. …………the mysterious skill involved in producing harmonious sounds.” Let us all work to have more harmony in our lives. This Harmony will hopefully shed some harmony your way going forward!

Harmony from Musique Standard Poodles
Harmonious Harmony

2 thoughts on “To Carry On Louie’s Blog, As Promised

  1. Welcome Harmony! I absolutely love your name, and what it means is what we need more of in our world right now. But we won’t even go down that drainpipe 🙂 Your pictures are just gorgeous and definitely show your personality! How lucky Greg & Nancy are to have you. I look forward to hearing your advice for more lighthearted “harmony” in our lives. Hope you are able to get out and enjoy this beautiful fall day!

    1. Hello Dana, Thank you kindly for the lovely comments. Actually, Louie told me about you and your adorable Ike. Louie stated “Oh, and when Dana writes comments, you will soon learn her advice is very wise and fun to read. Her comments are so welcome and appreciated.” So, thanks so much for commenting on my first official blog. Hope to meet you and Ike one day soon! Hugs, Harmony

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